Maverick has found his family!!!!!

  GCh. B-Loved Nothing But A Flirt X B-Loved Resting Beyatch Face

Available B-Loved I Feel The Need For Speed  "Maverick"

Maverick was originally held back as a show prospect.  At 7 months old I have decided he would be better off as a family pet.  He is a very happy personable and sweet boy.  He is intelligent and loves everything and everyone.   He is crate trained and has basic leash training.   I encourage neutering between 13-15 months of age so he will not be neutered before placement but he will be sold only on a neuter/pet agreement.    He has no health or behavioral concerns and is up to date on all vaccinations, flea/tick de-worming etc.   I need to take some new photo/videos of him.  These are the last pictures I took at 4 months of age.   Contact me at for more information.   $3000.00