Why Consider a B-Loved Bulldog when there are hundreds of kennels offering bulldog puppies?
First and foremost I am a breeder dedicated to the preservation and the improvement of the Bulldog.  Producing a better generation is always my goal.
  In order to achieve that goal the utmost attention must be given to choosing just the right match.   Because I travel coast to coast attending dog shows I have to unique opportunity to see dogs from all over the country.  It allows me to select the very best dogs to use in my breeding program.     
B-Loved  DOES NOT have puppies available all the time.  Every litter is carefully planned and every puppy is given individual attention and socialization.   Breeders that have "puppies available all the time" cannot.  They have too many puppies at too many different ages to offer  each puppy individual attention.
B-Loved Bulldogs firmly believes that health testing is necessary to help ensure the continued overall improvement in the breed.  B-Loved thoroughly tests all of the animals in our breeding program.  Many kennels only do scattered bare minimum health testing or none at all then claim to "Health Test" .    Check out my kennel or any other's you are considering on the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) database.  Their website is External link opens in new tab or windowwww.OFFA.org  Type B-Loved in the search bar and see for yourself.